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Transaction Coordinator

Raleigh, North carolina

As a TRITORI Transaction Coordinator, you’ll take a lead role in coordinating real estate deals, ensuring that all of the details come together seamlessly from contract to close..(more)

Managing Real Estate Broker

Raleigh, North carolina

As a TRITORI Team Manager, you will set up your group of real estate agents for success by providing training and support while monitoring metrics like lead volume and conversion rates, all the while simultaneously focusing on customer service...(more)

Real Estate Sales Specialist

Raleigh, North carolina

As a TRITORI Real Estate Agent, your primary focus will be developing relationships with your clients while providing a superior customer experience. ...(more)


We’ve gathered testimonials from agents who have worked with TRITORI’s leadership. With experience ranging from brand-new REALTORS® to seasoned veterans, our agents have had strong growth and met their sales goals thanks to our proven, proprietary process that is founded in data. Trust TRITORI to take your real estate business to the next level.

Quote | Aaron

The process gave me a good foundation to get started and grow as an agent. But it’s really the tools and resources that are provided that allow us to develop the best workflow that suits us each individually.

Success Story | Macie

She joined us fresh out of college and was new to the area, from out of state. She was brand new to real estate and had no knowledge of the market. Macie followed our process to the letter and was able to sell $7 million in volume in her first year.

Quote | Wayne

The process provided me with connections to keep me busy and on top of the market. Our weekly meetings and one-on-ones help keep me in tune with everything going on and I learn from others.

Success Story | Ellie

She began her career with another agency. She was promised “good connections,” but ended up working only with rental clients, had no sales volume and was told she would never make it. Ellie joined us and sold nearly 50 homes in her first year — accruing $15 million in volume. A recent sale of hers was for a property valued at $1.8 million.

Quote | Samantha

I think we are some of the most knowledgeable, well-prepared agents. You guys truly turn us into experts!

Success Story | Mike

He owned his own brokerage, but decided to join our team for the connection opportunities and stability that our realty group would provide. Mike had five homes under contract within the first two months of working with our team.