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In the last ten years, the real estate industry has changed radically due to the influx of data and the availability of that data to everyone — prospective buyers, sellers, industry experts and novices. TRITORI Group is a leader driving change in a positive way that works for every person. We provide reliable metrics to support the customer-focused experience, and at the same time highlight how these behaviors will provide the foundation and patterns for a successful REALTOR®. As long as agents are consistent and trust the process, the end result will be satisfied clients and happy agents.

Data-Driven Processes

Our data-driven process has the home-buying journey down to a science. Our system guides agents on exactly how many connections they need to have, appointments they need to go on, and offers to write in order to achieve their goals.

High-Intent Connections

There is no need to exhaust your personal connections and work your “sphere of influence.” We provide you with quality connections to high-intent clients.

Leadership & Coaching

We provide focused, supportive, and customized training for our agents with weekly one-on-one and team meetings that foster a supportive environment. Our committed and accountable leadership helps agents through the process, and aids agents in meeting their sales goals.

Powered by best-in-class technology, high-quality connections, and supportive coaching, TRITORI agents instill confidence and knowledge in every buyer and seller as they navigate their home journey.